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Workers Compensation: Do I Need an Attorney?

When you’re on the job, you’ve got the protection that you need…or so you think.  The truth comes out, however, when an injury occurs. After a work injury, you may be looking at a worker’s compensation claim and unsure what to do. Consider getting help but make sure you educate yourself on worker’s compensation as well as what a workman’s comp lawyer can do for you should you need it.

Injury in the workplace can often mean that you are entitled to worker’s comp, but make sure that you know when to look at hiring a professional to help you, and when you can represent yourself.  This will help things go as smoothly as possible in an already tough time.

When you’re okay to represent yourself

Let’s say the injury was very minor, resulting in, perhaps, a finger needing a few stitches, and perhaps a follow up appointment to get them removed.  This wouldn’t require you to miss as much work – perhaps a few hours – and you wouldn’t be majorly inconvenienced in terms of your ability to go to work and earn an income.  In this case, you may be able to represent yourself, because you won’t be asking for very much in terms of benefits or resources.

Your company should be easy enough to deal with in these sorts of situations, since the injury and benefits are minor, and will deliver to you what you need in a short amount of time.

When you should consider a workers comp lawyer

If injured at work and the company takes too long to deliver your request or claims that the injury didn’t occur on work time/property, looking at a work comp lawyer is something to consider to make sure that you’re getting treated fairly.

If you have a more serious injury that is going to require medical bills and time off from work due to the recovery that you are going to need, a lawyer is definitely something that you should be looking into to make sure that you get all of the benefits you deserve due to that work related injury.

If you’ve tried going on your own for a minor or major injury and you are not getting all of the benefits that you are entitled to (medical bills, leave time, etc), than hiring a professional to get the rest of the amount is a good idea, too.

Not sure?

Confused about whether you are getting all that you deserve?  Contact Valverde & Rowell, a work comp lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA.  We can help to ensure you are headed in the right direction. There’s nothing worse than not being sure, so get in touch with a local professional worker’s comp lawyer and get the protection and support that you need.  You are worth the time and deserve to gain access to all of the benefits that your company offers.

57 thoughts on “Workers Compensation: Do I Need an Attorney?”

  1. I have a brother that fell from a forklift at work the other day and was seriously hurt. I get the feeling he is going to miss extended periods of time. You bring up a good point about considering a lawyer for these situations.

  2. Thank you for the post on workers compensation and if you need an attorney or not. I definitely think if the company is trying not to pay workers compensation then you should look into hiring a lawyer. You want to make sure that you get what you’re owed especially if you have to take time off or have medical bills to pay.

  3. I really appreciated what you said about getting an attorney if you are taking time off from work. Taking time off and medical bills can really hurt someone financially. I will let my cousin know this since she has been researching compensation lawyers.

  4. It was really helpful when you said that a person should consider seeking the help of a workers’ compensation attorney if they have been injured at work and yet the company denies that it happened. That’s exactly the case of my cousin, and he’s worried right now because they also fired him when he decided to demand his claim. If they are not planning to take responsibility for what happened, then I’m more than available to take the case to the court. Thank you. I’ll begin looking for an attorney right away.

  5. A friend of mine was injured in an accident at work. It makes sense that he would want to get a worker’s compensation attorney. That way he can be sure that he gets payment to help with his medical bills!

  6. That is good to know that if you have a more serious injury that requires medical bills and time off work you should consider talking to a lawyer. My husband got hurt at work, and we have been wondering if we should hire a lawyer. I’m glad that we should so we can get all of the benefits my husband deserves.

  7. It makes sense that you would want to get a worker’s compensation attorney if you’re injured at work. That’s something that I’ll be sure to keep in mind. That way I won’t have to worry about not getting compensated for my pain.

  8. I do like that you talked about how you should consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer if you got serious injuries at work that will require you to have a time off to recover. My sister had an accident while she was at her work which caused her to be hospitalized. Since she needs some financial assistance, and she needs to stay in the hospital to recover, I will make sure to help her find a workers’ compensation lawyer that can help her get her benefits.

    1. Sorry about your sister Ava, let us know if you need any help if she’s in the greater Hampton Roads area.

  9. My father was injured by a forklift at work last week and he has been in the hospital ever since. I didn’t know that you should hire a lawyer when your injury is going to produce large medical bills and you are going to need time off from work. I will have to see if we can find him a lawyer. Hopefully, we can find someone local that will help him get what he needs to make a full recovery.

  10. I appreciate what you said about contacting a lawyer if the company takes too long to deliver your request. I have a friend who’s in this kind of situation, but doesn’t want to feel like he’s causing any problems. I’ll bring this up with him. I hope that he utilizes this so that he can get what he deserves.

  11. That’s a good tip to get a lawyer if your time off from injury will impair your income. You don’t want to get in a bad financial spot. Lawyers also show your insurance that you’re serious.

  12. Thanks for pointing out that getting an attorney to assist my brother is the best thing to do. Like you said, having a serious injury needs the help of a lawyer because he will be helping my brother getting all the benefits that he needs especially that the medical bills will be high. My brother has fallen from the scaffolding when he was working on a project. Luckily, the injuries will not affect his mobility, but it will take time to heal. Thanks for the information!

  13. Thanks for explaining that if you have a serious injury that requires medical bills and time off from work, then it is important to work with a lawyer. My brother messed up his leg while at work, and he has missed three weeks of work since the incident. I will let him know that he should consider calling a workers compensation lawyer so that he can get treated fairly.

  14. I appreciate that you talked about when to consider a workers comp lawyer, especially if the company takes longer to deliver the request or claim. I have been wondering if I should represent myself in my situation, but this should help me make a decision. Thank you for your helpful advice on worker’s compensation.

  15. Thanks for pointing out that if you have a more serious injury that’s going to require medical bills and time off from work, you are going to need a lawyer. My brother was recently broke his foot at work, and now he’ll need several weeks to recover before he can return. He’ll probably want to hire a workers compensation lawyer to help him get through his case. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I am so thankful for what you have shared about the need of getting a worker’s compensation lawyer. My uncle is a contractor and got involved in an accident while on duty. Based on his injury, we want to ensure that he could get the best interest that he deserves when making a settlement with his company.

  17. Recently I got hurt at work, and I haven’t been able to go back to work. I’ve tried to get help from my company, but they just basically fired me. Reading this article it seems like I should start looking into an attorney. I definitely have not gotten any benefits that I probably should have gotten.

  18. Thanks for explaining when to get a workers comp lawyer. I actually didn’t know that a lawyer is very helpful if you have a more serious injure that requires time off from work. I wonder if it’s still good to get a lawyer if you’re only gonna miss a day or two.

  19. My brother was recently injured at work and he is thinking of hiring a workers compensation attorney to help him get the best settlement that he can. You make a great point that a lawyer is experienced and will be able to get you the benefits that you deserve. Also, I think it is important that my brother chooses a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation cases because they will have to most knowledge and experience to help my brother.

  20. My job has always been very demanding. Lately, I have had really horrible back problems due to more lifting they have required. On sight, my back gave out, and I fell breaking my knee. I’ve talked to my boss, but she says that I just made it up, and have no right to get financial help. Thank you for letting me know that getting a lawyer can get me work compensation. I will need to look more in finding the right lawyer, so I can be treated fairly.

  21. You made a good point when you said that we should consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer if you feel like you’re not treated fairly at work due to the delays from the part of the company to deliver your request or discrepancies in the documents versus to what actually took place in the work place. This makes sense because there are other facets in the law in which an expert can manage to bring forth the truth in court while following the just proceedings. I have yet to encounter such issues at work but it’s a good thing to keep in mind in case unexpected things arise, after all we don’t notice things that easy as they come. I’ll be sure to get a hold of a workers compensation attorney in case I notice any form of inconsistencies while the accident involving me in the work place happens.

  22. One of my friends cut her hand on the meat slicer and wants to file a worker’s comp claim. I like how you mentioned that she should consider a worker’s comp lawyer if the medical bills are high and the injuries moderate or severe. What are some qualities one should looks for when hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer?

  23. I was at brunch with a friend of mine who is looking into workers’ compensation lawyers. She is confused as to when she should look for legal help. It would help her a lot to know that if the company takes too long to deliver requests.

  24. I really like that you talked about how people should hire a lawyer when their injury would require them to take time off from work so they can be sure to get all the benefits that they deserve. If I was working in a big factory, and something serious happens to me on the job, I’ll definitely won’t hesitate to reach out to a reputable worker compensation lawyer to help me with my claim. Thanks for this really informative article about workers’ compensation attorneys!

  25. I’m glad that you mentioned how we would need workers compensation lawyer when we get accidents while at work because the company should be the one to shoulder our expenses. Having lawyer help injured clients will help in getting all the benefits that they should have because it is a work-related injury. My cousin works in a rollerblading shop. He would usually get cuts in his hands from handling the blades. I’ll be sure he knows that he should be properly compensated for those injuries.

  26. I really like that you point out that if you have a serious injury and need to take medical leave from work you should hire a workers compensation lawyer. My husband was injured at work and we are wanting to hire a lawyer for this case. I’ll have to look into finding the best lawyers in the area.

  27. I’m glad that you talked about how people should look into getting a workers’ compensation lawyer if the company takes too long to deliver your request and or claims on time. My sister recently broke her left leg after a faulty ladder at work collapsed. She feels like her claim isn’t being taken seriously by her employers since all of the paperwork comes to her doorstep frequently late. I’ll be sure to advise her to get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney if this continues.

  28. Thanks for helping me understand that a lawyer is needed when your injuries are severe that you need to have time to recover. With that in mind, I will hire one for my sister because the head injury that she got from the scaffolding that collapsed caused her to be unconscious today. I will help my sister out to get the compensation that she needs with the assistance of a lawyer.

  29. I never really thought about how serious work injuries can cost more than just the medical bills. My brother-in-law got hurt at work and my sister is really concerned he will need a lawyer to get the proper compensation for work missed as well as the medical bills. Thank you for the information about how a lawyer is definitely something they should be looking into to ensure they get the benefits they deserve due to the work-related injury.

  30. I enjoyed your views on workers compensation. I thought it was interesting how you noted that a lawyer would be beneficial to have if the injury requires medical bills and time off work due to the recovery I need. Yesterday, my husband got hurt at work so I think that we will look into getting an attorney to help us out.

  31. It got me when you said that if I can represent myself because the injuries were minor and it won’t affect my work, then I do not need a lawyer. In my opinion though, since I want to win the case, and I do not know much about workers’ compensation cases, I think I need a lawyer. Even if I am to say that my injuries were superficial. Because of this, I will still look into hiring a lawyer. Thank you for sharing.

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