Get legal help should you receive a Notice to Appear in court in Virginia

Understanding a Notice to Appear

If you’re like most people, the moment that you receive a Notice to Appear (NTA), in any given situation, there is a special kind of fear that will send you into a panic as you start to imagine all of the possibilities as to why you have received this authoritative document.  There’s no question that this can often feel like a terrifying time.  However, with the right knowledge, you can set fear aside and move on to preparation for the date that is listed on the notice itself.

What is an NTA for?

In one instance, a Notice to Appear is served to you if you are a non-citizen who is thought to have done something that deserves removal from the United States from the point of view of Immigration officials.  It could be a simple violation on a travel visa, or it could be something more serious that could lead to bigger issues.  While we want to help you with the fear element of receiving an NTA, it’s also important to know that an NTA should always be taken seriously.  Do not dismiss or ignore it or think that it will go away with time.  It is an official notice and must be treated as such.

Do I have to appear?

If you receive an NTA, the first instinct you may have is to think “Nope, I’m not going”.  It’s natural, of course, but it’s important to note that when you receive an NTA, you will have to appear on the date that has been indicated on the paperwork.  The absolute worst thing that you can do is run or think that you can simply duck out of having to appear.  The best way to help yourself when you receive an NTA is to prepare for it by learning all that you can about the NTA and having the support that you require to help.

What should I do?

Once you read through an NTA, call an experienced immigration attorney, such as Valverde & Rowell, as soon as possible so that you can have the proper representation that will make this as positive as possible.  By hiring legal help well versed with immigration issues, you’ll be able to understand more about why you received an NTA and also know that you will have someone on your side that is going to be with you when the day arrives for you to appear.

There is no reason that you should have to go at this alone, and by having an experienced attorney at your side, you’ll be able to arm yourself with knowledge and experience so that you are protected as much as possible as well as supported during this hard time.  Beforehand and on the day-of, proper representation is going to make the difference for preparing yourself for what is to come from the moment that you receive it.  Contact the experienced and professional legal team at Valverde & Rowell at (757) 422-8472 to start the process.

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