Romney Would not Grant NEW Deferred Action Applications

I noted in a previous post on October 2, 2012, that presidential candidate Romney stated he would not take away deferred action status from DREAMers who have been granted it.   According to reports, the next day he clarified that while he would not take away deferred action status from those granted it, his administration would end the program if he were to become president and not grant any new applications.  This is somewhat concerning because there is not much time for USCIS to approve Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals applications before Romney would take office, if he were to to be elected.  To date USCIS is reported to only have approved 29 applications.  While the fact that USCIS has approved any applications within about a month of when it started to accept the applications is pretty good when compared to typical USCIS government processing times, Romney’s latest clarification creates nothing but doubt for potential Deferred Action applicants.  Romney did not clarify what would happen to those 80,000+ and growing who have pending yet-to-be approved Deferred Action applications when he takes office?

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