Pharmacy Errors

Medication Errors Happen, but that Doesn’t Mean you Can’t Be Compensated

Get Legal Advice for Pharmacy Errors in Virginia Beach

Many depression medications or those prescribed to treat diabetes or heart problems contain strong chemical components that can be dangerous or even fatal if improperly taken. You trust your pharmacist to take every precaution to ensure the medicine you receive is filled correctly and contains the proper dosages and instructions.

Unfortunately, however, people make mistakes.

If you suffered a serious illness or medical emergency, or you lost a loved one due to pharmaceutical errors, the personal injury attorneys at Valverde & Rowell, P.C., can help you seek financial compensation from the parties at fault. For experienced and prompt personal injury representation, contact our firm as soon as possible. We represent clients throughout the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

Seeking Comprehensive Compensation Following Prescription Injuries or Illness

Most prescription illnesses are the result of being given the wrong medication on accident, or your prescription might have been filled incorrectly such that you were directed to take too much or too little of your medication.

Our personal injury attorneys understand the serious and sometimes permanent consequences pharmacy errors can have, whether a serious illness, a long-term disability or condition, or wrongful death. If you suffered any adverse effects from taking a prescription medication, we will defend your right to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses such as emergency room visits and follow-up treatment
  • Ongoing or future medical expenses you may require to treat new symptoms brought on by your illness
  • Lost wages you may have sustained during recovery
  • Pain, suffering and the emotional trauma you and your family have endured

We may also be able to seek additional compensation in the form of “punitive damages” if it is found that the individual pharmacist or pharmacy in question had prior knowledge that the prescription was filled in error and did not take proper steps to correct the situation.

If you lost a loved one due to a pharmaceutical accident, we can help guide you in filing a wrongful death claim. While we understand no amount of money will compensate your loss, it can provide financial assistance during this difficult time of adjustment. Our personal injury attorneys will provide dedicated representation throughout the process that is sensitive to all of your needs.

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