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What Do I Need to Know About Unemployment Rights?

With the amount of people vying for jobs and the fact that business is rough in our current economy, unemployment is a reality for a lot of people.  But, did you know there are rights that go along with unemployment?  Rights that can actually lead to compensation while you’re on the hunt for another job?  There is a lot to know and you never know what you don’t know having the right lawyer can really help you out and offer then needed support.  So, what do you need to know?

Unemployment rights and laws

When an employee is let go, especially if they are laid off, they are often eligible for unemployment benefits as well as compensation while on the hunt for a new job.  These rights and laws are in place to help protect employees after they have been let go without due cause.  This is why these rights are often exercised in situations where an employee has been laid off due to budget problems or business closures.

When this sort of situation pops up in your life, you need to carefully take a look through the details and see whether you can apply for those benefits according to the laws that are in place.

The appeal process

You also have the right to appeal any result that comes back to you from your employer about denial of these benefits.  You must file an appeal and go through the proper channels to set up a date where you will be able to state the reasons.  This typically takes three weeks after you file your letter, and during this time, you must continue looking for new employment and keeping a record of the jobs you’ve applied for.

How do I make this work for me?

Maybe you’ve read through the above sections and still overwhelmed.  This is totally normal and is overwhelming to anyone who has to figure out all of the seemingly impossible details on their own.

Which is where an attorney comes in.  While you can do the entire process yourself, hiring representation can be a great way to help you get support in the application process from start to finish and answering your questions along the way.  Some legal representation will only do certain parts of it, but with Valverde & Rowell, PC you can trust that we will give you that support you might want from the beginning to the end.

Even just to have someone who knows the system to explain how it’s all happening can be helpful, so consider seriously the idea of hiring legal representation, such as Valverde & Rowell when you’re looking at learning and fighting for unemployment rights and benefits.  It might not be required, but it can help take a load off of your shoulders while you focus on putting your life back in order in all different sections.  This may be a way to do that for yourself.

Feel free to contact Valverde & Rowell for a consultation or to schedule an appointment to go over your particular unemployment needs.

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