Visas for Professionals

Special Work Visas Such As H-1B and O-1 For Non-Citizen Professionals

Work Visas for Professionals - Immigration Law

U.S. immigration policy recognizes the important contributions non-citizen professionals make to the American economy by providing special visa opportunities for people with professional training and skills.

However, the process of obtaining a professional visa can be confusing, and minor errors in selecting a visa category and completing the application can have major consequences. Contact us at Valverde & Rowell, P.C., in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to get an experienced immigration lawyer working for you.

Helping Professionals Seek Visas and Green Cards

There are a number of options under U.S. immigration laws for engineers, architects, information technology experts, managerial experts, and other professional employees and professionals seeking temporary U.S. employment.

The most common visa for professionals is the H-1B visa. However, depending on your situation, other visas such as the O-1 visa may be more appropriate. J-1, TN or an H3 visa may be more appropriate visa choices for you. We can help you determine the best visa for you.

Professionals also have the option of seeking lawful permanent residency (LPR), commonly known as a green card. People seeking to immigrate on the basis of employment can apply for labor certification through the Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) system or pursue admission under an employment-based preference.

Contact us to learn more about your professional visa and immigration options — including employment-based law permanent resident visas such as J-1, H-3, TN, H-1B and O-1 visas — and get the assistance of a skilled immigration lawyer during your application process.

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