Family Visas

Our Attorneys Can Help with Your Family Visa Needs

Family Visas or Pending Visas

Living and working together in America is a dream of many immigrant families, and it is still possible to make it happen. Because the laws governing immigration are complex, we recommend you consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

There are primarily three federal agencies that have jurisdiction in this area. The forms for immigration and naturalization are lengthy. It is important that you include appropriate filing fees, know how to fill out the paperwork properly and file it at the correct office of the appropriate agency.

At the law firm of Valverde & Rowell, P.C., we have been successful in reuniting American citizens or permanent residents with spouses, children and extended family. We are also available to provide assistance with K-1 visas to allow immigration of a fiancé or fiancée as well as K-2 visas for the children of a fiancé or fiancée.

For a confidential consultation in our Virginia Beach law offices or by phone, contact us today. You will meet with a lawyer experienced in family visas.

Applying for Lawful Permanent Residency or LPR

Green card

There are primarily two ways to obtain a green card or lawful permanent residence: by employment or through a family member. Also, every year a lottery is held, awarding green card status to the winner, his or her spouse, and all unmarried children under 21. Only 55,000 visas are granted every year so the chances of winning the lottery are low due to the large number of applicants.

If you are lucky enough to have won a visa, you must take steps immediately to ensure that you and your family members are granted the visa by the end of federal fiscal year. Our experienced immigration attorneys can help you ensure you are granted the visa in time.

Family Visas

There is another way to sponsor your spouse and children, and you do not need to be extremely lucky. As an American citizen, you can apply for the lawful permanent residence or green card for your spouse, parents, and children. You may also apply for a K-3 nonimmigrant visa for a spouse and a K-4 nonimmigrant visa for unmarried children under 21. It does not give your family members the right to stay here forever, but family visas do allow them to come to America. Once they are here, you may apply for LPR status, which may grant them the coveted green card. Our immigration attorneys will help you determine which approach is best in your case.

If you are a green card holder or permanent resident, then you can petition for immigrant status for your spouse and unmarried children of any age (Form I-130). If your family members are eligible for a higher family preference category, the process may be sped up. Otherwise you will need to wait for an immigrant visa to become available.

Helping Reunite Families

Our attorneys help families come together to live, work and go to school in Virginia, using family and spouse and fiancé based visas. For a confidential consultation with an immigration attorney, call (757) 422-8472 locally or contact us via e-mail to get started.

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