Immigrant Claims Deferred Action for Dreamers Allows Him to be Lawyer

In a July 2, 2012, post I highlighted the story of an undocumented immigrant with a pending case in the California Supreme Court seeking to be admitted to practice law after entering the U.S. when only 17 months old, he graduated from law school, and passed the bar exam.  Fox News highlights another law school graduate, Jose Godinez-Samperio, who passed the bar but was denied a license to practice law in Florida.  Similar to the individual in California he challenged the action in court.  Now that the Obama administration has announced the deferred action for DREAMers, under which he appears to qualify and provide him with valid work authorization, he argues that there is no obstacle for him to be able to get a law license.

He is quoted as saying, “One day, about six months later, I was watching Barney and my visa expired. Of  course, I didn’t know it then, as I was still 10 years old, and eventually I  went through school just like any other kid . . .”  This is pretty typical of many DREAMers.  They were just being kids, doing things kids do, totally oblivious of their immigration status whatsoever.  They felt like they were just any other kid, with the dreams and hopes shared by their peers.  As they get older, however, these dreams and hopes are smothered as they learn the reality of their immigration status.  Some, like Jose Godinez-Samperio and many other DREAMers, choose to press on and fight to keep these derams and hopes alive.  The recent announcement of deferred action for DREAMers by the administration has reignited the dreams and hopes of Jose and many others like him.

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