Be mindful of accidents when decorating your place of business

Prepare Yourself and Your Business for the Holidays, Safely

Safety should always be a priority, but especially so around the holidays.  This is a traditionally a time of year when everyone relaxes and lets their hair down.  It’s understandable, but it can also lead to compromises in safety as well.  To help you and your business during the holiday season, we’ve pulled together some great safety tips to remember that could make all of the difference.

Drink responsibly

When having a holiday party at work, understanding your limits is important.  Not only are you around coworkers and your boss but also potentially clients, not to mention you will also be responsible for getting yourself home.  After all, it’s not like a party at a friend’s house where you can simply crash on their couch.  Drinking is part of the party atmosphere, but it’s important to know your limit and/or have a designated driver available if you want to let your hair down.

Be careful on the road

When driving around the holiday season, be aware that there is often more foot traffic as pedestrians enjoy shopping or walking home from parties, etc as well as more folks on the roads heading to parties or holiday shopping.  Be aware of this, especially with the dark hours, and be ready to stop as soon as you see a pedestrian.  Weather tends to be colder during the holiday season which sometimes, not often, but can have near-freezing temperatures which could make the roads slippery in spots.

Since the holiday season brings stress and fatigue, be aware of your energy levels on the road, too.  Drinking while impaired can be as bad as driving on little sleep.  If you are feeling drowsy, put off driving until you can have something to pump you up, or grab a power nap if possible.  Safety first.

Be attentive to decoration placement

On to another note, whether it’s in the office or in your home, holiday decorations can lead to injury at times.  Whether it’s the wrong placement for the glass ornament, a strand of lights that could potentially trip someone, or a spilled festive drink that cause a slip and fall, injuries happen for all sorts of reasons.

Being attentive to placement and accident prevention can always help. All decorations should be secure and out of the way of walkways and pay particular attention to where decorations are placed on porches or steps near the entrance of your home.

Personal injury may seem hard to avoid during the holiday season, whether it be from drinking, decorating or driving, but in taking these tips into account, you can be aware of where the potential risks are and focus on protecting yourself and your loved ones from both harm and injury.  You’ll also be able to protect your business from potential damages or employee injury by following these tips as much as possible.  This way, the holiday season stays comfortable and enjoyable from the professional to the personal space.

Should you be faced with personal injury issues, employee concerns or the like, contact Valverde & Rowell to help.

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