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Be Compliant with Your Wage & Hour Responsibilities

Employer Compliance Wage and Hours
As an employer, you are responsible for verifying the identity of every employee and making sure he or she is authorized to work in the United States. By law, you must also keep appropriate records for I-9 compliance. You are responsible for verifying that the green card presented by a new employee is a valid one.

At the law firm of Valverde & Rowell, P.C., we understand that you have a business to run, and wish to avoid the fines and the hassle of being found non-compliant. We can help.

Employment law and immigration law are important focuses of our practice. We have helped many businesses in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, Virginia area set up a program for I-9 compliance. We are happy to review your current practices, and provide guidelines for corrective measures.

To schedule a confidential consultation about wage & hour law or any related concern, contact a skilled compliance attorney at our firm today.

Your One-Stop Law Firm for Employer Compliance

We help employers with many of the legal issues that accompany running a business, including:

  • Wage discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Federal and State wage and hour laws
  • I-9 compliance
  • E-Verify, including requirements for reporting

Our attorneys represent employers in discrimination claims as well as employees who feel they have been wronged.

Count on our Knowledge of Employment Law

We consult with many employers on wage and hour compliance, because the laws are complicated and constantly changing. We have defended employers against wage & hour compliance claims, as well as employees who were underpaid by contractors and subcontractors on federal projects.

When an employer has questions about I-9 compliance, we make sure that employers know how to correctly complete an I-9 for every employee. We can also assist employers with E-Verify. This electronic account, which allows employers to verify employment status electronically, costs the employer nothing, and is an important tool for federal contractors in employer compliance.

Our goal is to help employers avoid future problems by examining current policy and recommending proactive solutions. We also help employers create or revise employee handbooks, which are compliant with discrimination and employment law.

For knowledgeable counsel about employer compliance, contact a lawyer at Valverde & Rowell, P.C.

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