DREAMers: Avoid Notarios and Other Scammers

Dan Kowalski, Editor of Bender’s Immigration Bulletin, wrote an informative post stating something that needed to be said.  I think many DREAMers will know better than to trust their case to unscrupulous, unlicensed, and non-accredited people.  However, their parents may not.

Mr. Kowalski writes:

We’re not finished cheering, hugging and laughing with joy, but the hard-nosed among us are raising a red flag: DREAMers who may be eligible for Deferred Action and work permits under the new policy announced by DHS and President Obama need to protect themselves from notarios and other scammers.

Thieves of all stripes are drooling at the prospect of nearly a million kids, hungry for documentation, willing to pay almost anything for a work permit. No doubt hundreds, perhaps thousands of young people have parted with precious savings in the hopes of a quick fix, even though the ink is not yet dry on the new policy.

Immigrants have always been a vulnerable population, and kids doubly so. It’s critical for immigrants seeking Deferred Action and work permits under the new policy to get accurate information and representation by licensed (and experienced) attorneys or “Accredited Representatives.”

Accredited Reps, as they are known, are non-lawyers who are authorized by the federal government to advise and represent individuals in immigration cases. They have passed an examination and are supervised by experienced immigration attorneys.

To read the complete post click on this link:

Dan Kowalski: DREAMers: Avoid Notarios and Other Scammers.

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