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Why You Should Consider A Law Firm for Your Employment Law Needs

Lawyers, why do you need one?  You may be able to handle most situations on your own but there are situations that you will come out ahead, especially in employment law, if you were to have a lawyer on your side.

Here are some ways lawyers can help in employment law

Workers compensation

If you feel as though you are entitled to workers compensation due to injury on the job, an employment lawyer can help you go through the proper channels to get it done right.

Overtime compensation

There are certain rules that need to be followed for both minimum wage and overtime rules, so a lawyer can help show the difference in making sure that you are being paid properly for the time that you are putting in on the job.

Employer or employee representation

Both employers and employees can benefit from having official representation, and an employment lawyer would be the best person to help with that on either side of the table.

Unemployment claims

An employee may be entitled for compensation for unemployment, and the right employment lawyer will help determine yes or no, and how much and to make sure everyone gets what they deserve.

Why is an employment lawyer a good idea?

There are a lot of reasons why you could consider an employment lawyer as a necessary expense in the situations mentioned above, but they can also be a great asset to have in your corner when going through official and formal situations where proper representation is a better idea.

Primarily, having an employment lawyer is a good idea simply because it can give you an ally that knows what they’re doing. They have specific education in legal matters, well versed in court requirements and well worth the money spent to get you what you deserve.

When you go into some sort of legal situation alone, you are at the mercy of the other lawyer or those people on the other side of the table, which can be overwhelming and very intimidating.  So, having a lawyer to go into a situation might help you get your voice heard and offer you the support you need.

Often times in employment situations your employer may not take you seriously unless you have some sort of legal representation on your side.  So, an employment lawyer may make the difference in getting what you deserve out of a situation.

Protect your future when signing or negotiation contracts within employment as legal counsel can help you understand what you’re signing and ensuring you are getting the best deal out of the contract.

Not every situation requires an employment lawyer but peace of mind when you do have one representing you is reassuring. Should you need legal counsel, contact Valverde & Rowell in the greater Hampton Roads area for your employment law needs. We are here to help you!



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  1. Thank you for suggesting that having an employment lawyer can give you an ally that knows what they are doing. This seems like it would be very important when you are needing representation. Hopefully, people look into finding the best lawyers possible.

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