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Business Law

Starting a business is a major investment, and sound legal guidance during the process can be a prudent addition to your venture. Legal counsel from a knowledgeable business formation lawyer can help you ensure that you’re making your investment under the best possible conditions.

At Valverde & Rowell, P.C., in Virginia Beach, Virginia, our attorneys can help you get your business up and running, draft agreements that will influence the conduct and control of the business well into the future, and guide other important business transactions. Contact us, stop by our Virginia Beach office or call us at (757) 422-8472 to schedule an initial consultation about your business formation needs.

Skilled Assistance With Business Formation

The first legal step toward business formation is choosing which type of business entity you wish to establish. Simply running a business under your own name can be risky for your personal and family finances. Virginia corporate law includes a number of other options.

We can help you understand the differences between each type of entity and, once you choose one, file the appropriate paperwork with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Virginia business entities include:

  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Corporations
  • Professional corporations (PCs)

Our business services do not end with business entity formation. We can help you get up and running with a range of legal services. If you are interested in raising capital through sale of an ownership stake, we have the experience to guide you through the transaction. We can also help you draft agreements between co-owners, such as shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and buy-sell agreements.

Contact us to learn more about our business formation and related business services. Our business law services extend into employment law assistance as well since we are knowledgeable in employer discrimination, employer compliance, non-compete agreements, wage and labor laws as well as Virginia workers’ compensation law.

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