Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailers & Big Trucks Pose Bigger Dangers – Be Aware

Truck accidents can be deadly, seek legal assistance in Hampton Roads

There are bound to be accidents, with all the traffic on the road, including tractor-trailers. Negligence is responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths each year. The dangers posed by rigs weighing tens of thousands of pounds call for great care. Sadly, many times this is lacking.

When someone is injured in a semi-truck crash, the damage can be severe. And if a driver or trucking company has been careless they should pay dearly. You should know that cases involving trucks are very different from those involving ordinary cars.

  • There are numerous state and federal regulations relating to trucks and the trucking industry. Our personal injury lawyers are familiar with these and how they can help show negligence in the accident.
  • There are many parties involved in shipping a container of freight, from the driver, to those who packed the load, to the company required to maintain the rig in a safe condition. We identify any and all at-fault parties.
  • Finally, the injuries are almost always more severe and we will need to carefully assess your financial needs into the future, with the help of life care planners and other experts. Our personal injury lawyer will demand that all your needs are met.

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